Having a microchip implanted in your pet allows your pet to be returned to you in case they are ever lost.  This is a quick and low-cost procedure that can be a lifesaving event for some pets.  

The process to microchip your pet takes less than a minute; we will implant a small microchip under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades.  Your pet won’t feel the microchip once it is in place and can provide you with peace of mind for the lifetime of your pet.  Call us at (908) 806-4525 today to come in to get your pet microchipped!


Socializing your pet is an important tool to keep them comfortable with their veterinary visits going forward and we recommend socialization visits for all of our new patients and any patient that is anxious about their visit.  During a socialization trip we will provide a positive experience full of toys, treats, attention and will not perform any medical or diagnostic services to help make it a beneficial visit.  

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