A trip to the vet is often associated with a scared pet and a stressed out pet parent. Luckily, there are ways to diminish or even eliminate that fear. Clover Hill Animal Hospital is proud to practice Fear Free techniques to alleviate fear, stress, and anxiety in your pet.


Fear Free Pets is an organization that strives to provide education and techniques to alleviate stress and fear in pets. Their mission is to create a gentler and more responsive environment for your pet. They achieved this goal “by closely listening to the needs of the profession and those of pet owners.” Fear Free “has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice, providing unparalleled education on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.” Every day, Clover Hill Animal Hospital utilizes Fear Free practices. We strive to do everything possible to make your pet’s visit a positive one.


There are several Fear Free practices that you will find being put in place at our clinic. From the moment an appointment is made to the time your pet returns home, you can rest assured that every step has been taken to reduce fear and anxiety in your furry friend.

Here are some examples:

  • At Clover Hill, we believe less restraint is more
  • Treats are offered the moment a pet walks in the door to help the pet understand that they are in a safe place
  • Canine and feline pheromones are used to reduce stress on a biological level
  • Our doctors and technicians work around your pet in a position in which they are most comfortable (pets can sit, stand, or lay down during exams and procedures whenever possible)
  • For cats and dogs that are particularly nervous patients, our doctors may discuss using medications that can be given a few hours before the visit to reduce anxiety
  • Our technicians may ask you to make sure your pet has an appetite before arriving so that she will be more likely to accept treats offered
  • We encourage you to bring your pet over to the clinic just to say hello and get some treats so that your pet develops a more positive association with our practice.


As discussed above, we make every effort to make sure that your pet has a positive experience at our practice, but you may be asking yourself about the benefits of being Fear Free. Just like humans, pets need regular health visits to make sure that they are in a good state of health. Sometimes, fear and anxiety can make examinations difficult or even impossible. A more relaxed pet is a more cooperative pet. A more cooperative pet means a more thorough and relaxed examination.

Furthermore, many pet parents with anxious animals report skipping wellness visits because of the stress involved. Fear Free techniques can greatly reduce that fear and the hassle that comes along with it. Rather than dreading a visit to the vet, pet parents can rest assured that Clover Hill Animal Hospital is taking the necessary steps to make the experience both smooth and successful. By utilizing Fear Free techniques, we make sure that your pets are happy AND healthy.