Feline Friendly

Here at Clover Hill Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on being a cat-friendly practice! We promise to give our feline patients the highest quality veterinary care available. We are dedicated to learning everything we can to give your cat the best and healthiest life possible.

We also want our feline patients to be comfortable during their entire visit, so we have a special waiting room for cats, and we use Feliway in our office. There are neither barking nor whiny dogs to terrify your feline companion.

Our entire staff will do our best to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible. We are trained to comfortably restrain even the most nervous cats so that their examinations can be done quickly and efficiently.

We are here for you whenever your cats are not feeling well, too. We will do everything we can to ensure they are back to normal as soon as possible by running the necessary in-house tests to diagnose and treat accordingly.

Fear Free

We understand – perhaps better than anyone – that many pets dread vet visits. That dread is a direct result of fear, and that fear could be the result of a scary experience the animal had in the past. It might also just be a bad reaction to a new environment.

Regardless of the cause, at Clover Hill Animal Hospital we strive to make your pet’s time with us as comfortable as possible by following certified Fear Free procedures and protocols.

Fear Free techniques include:

  • Providing especially tasty “high value” treats for positive association
  • The use of pheromones and/or soft music to put the pet at ease
  • Non-slip surfaces for exams and treatments instead of restraints
  • Gentle, species-specific handling
  • Light sedation when necessary
  • Separate entrances or exam areas for felines

We’ve been able to incorporate Fear Free principles into everything we do, from nail trims to routine exams to surgeries. By using specific Fear Free techniques and being sensitive at all times to your pet’s state of mind, we can ensure your pet is comfortable while receiving the care they need. Fear Free approaches also make it less likely that any necessary test results aren’t skewed by stress.

Curious to see what Cat Friendly and Fear Free looks like in action? Give us a call at (908) 806-4525 today!